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Introducing digital art into the hotel to make it a "hot topic hotel".

Lobbies, guest rooms, lounges, restaurants, etc.
Digital art can be installed in various places.

Digital art that you can experience even if you don't understand the language is popular overseas's content.

It can also be used as a photo spot,
Include your hotel logo and video for great advertising effect.
Popular digital art that can be enjoyed by children and adults
We will help you to introduce it to the hotel.


​Enjoy your waiting time!

Reception and lobbies tend to keep customers waiting. There are bound to be some customers who get irritated when it's crowded. Like thatwaiting time,​ Changed into “a space where you want to be more”!Enjoy your waiting time with a space where you can play and take photos without getting bored.


​ Turn unused space into featured content

 ​Do you have any wasted space, such as a pool that you only use in the summer or a large hall that you rarely use? Using digital art,"Projection mapping in the pool"or"Art Exhibition in the Great Hall"By doing this, we will create content that will also attract customers!


​Renovating a restaurant that is stuck in a rut

 ​Restaurants and cafes that have been open for many years with the same interior. Why not try adding a little touch of digital art to your interior to create a new atmosphere? If it functions as a photo spot,Expected to be effective in advertisingcan.

It is also possible to introduce a system that reacts to human movements.
"The image changes when a person approaches" "The image reacts when you touch the wall"
It can be equipped with interactive functions such as "video changes in response to audio".



By touching the wall, the image changes ​




​Video changes in response to voices and instruments

The image changes according to the standing position


​The content is completely original!

"We will propose what kind of content is good for the customer." First of all, we will interview you for about an hour, ask you about your needs and objectives, and then create a quotation. Please feel free to contact us.

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