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A new digital art production company.

Our team has a proven track record, having been in charge of numerous large-scale art exhibitions and events both domestically and internationally.

C& was launched in 2022 as a new digital art production company. He handles a wide range of creative work including digital art/digital content production, projection mapping, event production, stage production, and video production. By forming a team with various professionals, we create content in the optimal form.

At teamLab, a number oflarge projectmain director

On-site supervisorFounded by Aoi Tanaka, who has experience.

I am not shy at all and loves to talk. I tend to talk too much in a friendly manner, so much so that I write down things not to talk about before important business meetings. However, there is no point in taking notes because you end up talking about it. I belonged to a choir from the age of 3 to 18 and loved singing.

Awaji Island's underwater world 淡路島の海中散歩
Relaxing Escape Box くつろぎの逃避行
C&|共鳴し融合する木箱 - Wooden box that resonates and fuses
C&|混ざり合う音 - The sound of mingling
C&|SoundPicture サウンドピクチャー
C&| 発光する輪郭 - Self-illuminating contours【Forest】
C& DigitalArt Exhibition feat. 松下ぱなお
C&|発光する輪郭 - Self-illuminating contours【Flower】