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C& will be launched in 2022 as a new digital art production company. Engaged in a wide range of creative work, including digital art/digital content production, projection mapping, event production, stage production, and video production. By forming a team with various professionals, we produce works in the best possible way. I want to create works that exceed expectations, with respect for new initiatives and ideas.


Company name: Sea End Co., Ltd.

Established: April 15, 2022

Representative: Aoi Tanaka, President and CEO

Location: 883-21 Shinmachi, Narita City, Chiba Prefecture

Duties: Digital content production

Partnership: Shinsei Creative Administrative Scrivener Office

Aoi Tanaka

For 15 years from the age of 3 to 18, he belonged to a choir, and has performed on various stages in Japan and abroad, such as participating in world chorus competitions and performing with the Vienna Boys Choir. Currently enrolled in the Department of Music Arts, Faculty of Music, Ferris UniversityDuring the course, you will learn classical songs, church music, nursery rhymes, and more. Belonged to teamLab Co., Ltd. for 5 years from 2014 to 2019. Involved in various art exhibitions / corporate projects. Completed the first class of the 2016 Agency for Cultural Affairs commissioned project “Training Project for Cultural and Art Producers”. In April 2022, Seaend Co., Ltd. was established.


1997 Nagano Olympic Torch Arrival Ceremony Appearance

1998 Participated in the Asian Moon Festival in Wisconsin, USA

1999 Received the Aozora Award at the 13th National Boys and Girls Chorus Festival

Participated in State fair in Wisconsin, USA in 2000

2002 Vienna, Austria Joint training camp with the "Vienna Boys' Choir" and goodwill performance in Poland

2004 Received the Excellence Award at the Bun no Kyo Shoka/Children's Song Festival "Chorus Contest"

2005 Participated in Hong Kong "World Children's Choir Festival"

Participated in Canada's International Choral Kathaumixw in 2008

2009 2nd National Vocal Ensemble Contest Award for Excellence

2011 Implementation of the Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Support Project in Karakuwa Town, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture

Joined teamLab in 2014

2015Released "Today's Sunset, Tomorrow's Sunny" in collaboration with Shing02

2016 Released 1st mini album "Ku Ku"

2017Completion of the 1st class of the 2016 Agency for Cultural Affairs commissioned project "Culture and Arts Producer Training Project" Project School @3331

2022 Established SEA-END Co., Ltd.