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​Let ippo.web take your first step


I want to make a website, butI'm not good at con work...
I can't find the time to work on my own... The design just doesn't look right...

ippo.web solves such problems.never yousupport the first step of

Since it uses a web building tool called Wix as its foundation, it can be easily edited by the customer after completion. There is no additional cost for each text correction or photo replacement

​We can deliver in as little as one week after receiving the text and photos! We accept up to 2 revisions, with no upper limit on the number of revisions. Even if you want to open a website in a hurry, we can handle it.

It is natural for website production to cost more than 500,000 yen.. At ippo.web, it is possible to create a website at a low price by interacting with customers one-on-one!

Production example
​Manipulative salon website

I made it, including logo production and illustration preparation.Since it is possible to change the sentences such as prices and menu contents by yourself, ​It has been two years since the production, but there is no additional cost!

Production example
Video production company website

We heard requests from customers such as ​ such as "I want to be able to see the details when the cursor is over", and we have created a design that meets those requests.


​Additional functions can be added!

person talking on the phone

​Online shop

You can also open your own original shop! Card payment function can also be added.

Taxi dispatch app

Reservation management system

Synchronize with Google​calendar to share reservation schedule, add event page and ticket reservation function

team meeting

​Members only page

You can also create limited pages! Ideal for content that is concerned about personal information or information that you want to disclose only on a limited basis.


​Site Creator Introduction

Aoi Tanaka

Belonged to teamLab Co., Ltd. for 5 years from 2014 to 2019. Involved in various art exhibitions / corporate projects. Completed the 1st class of the 2016 Agency for Cultural Affairs commissioned project “Training Project for Cultural and Art Producers”. In addition to websites, we also do a wide range of pamphlet and flyer designs.

  • website design cost

  • Website construction cost

  • Necessary meeting for web production

  • Correction fee (up to 2 times / no upper limit on corrections)

  • Create a logo for your website

  • ​Illustration materials, photo materials, etc.

  • Wix (web building tool) usage fee

  • Wix usage fee varies depending on the content of the page. Around 1000 yen per month

  • If your website has more than 5 pages, we will discuss the cost.

  • You can use Square for payment

  • Credit card payment is also OK! The price is 150,000 yen + consumption tax

  • ​If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please apply from the inquiry page.


Thanks for submitting!

[About notes and cancellation]
・Production will start after the production fee is paid.
​・Cancellation is not possible after the production fee has been paid.
・Customers are kindly requested to prepare the text for publication.
・If there is no response to your inquiry after 3 business days,
Please feel free to contact me at the email address below.
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