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"Leave your first step to ippo.web"

ippo.web isSea End Co., Ltd.This is a design production service provided by

Graphic design, goods production, web design, etc.We produce a wide range.

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​Design order

​It is possible to create various designs such as logo design, pamphlets, and flyers! We can also produce paper media.

cardboard product labels

​Goods production

​ You can design goods related items such as product production and tags and packages. Novelties and weddings are also OK!

graphic design

Web production

​PC/smartphone, create a website that supports both. We have a plan that can be produced from 150,000 yen without management costs!


Here is a price list of our main products.​Additional fees may be required if the number of pages is large.

Please feel free to contact us so that we can create an estimate for you.

If you would like to make an account transfer, please contact us using the form.

​Logo design


​Create a logo that matches your service! We will propose 3 patterns and can be revised up to 2 times.

SNS images/banners


​We will create event banners and Instagram images. A vertical image for the story is included as a bonus.

​Business card/shop card


​Double-sided printing available! We can also create data for special processing such as foil stamping and rounded corners.



Create double-sided color flyers. Sizes are OK up to A4 size! It is OK to post maps etc.

Menu Table


We will create a menu table up to 4 A4 size pages. If the number of pages increases, please contact us.



Can produce up to 10 A4 size pages! (Number of sheets is 5) Please contact us for sizes larger than A4.



Available for bi-folding, tri-folding, etc.! Up to 2 pages can be produced at no additional cost.



​ We can handle various materials such as stickers for shops and stickers attached to product packages.

Web design


​Moving from the old site is also possible! You can build a site based on Wix and manage it yourself.


For multiple design orders and continuous requests, we can offer affordable prices!

​SNS image production monthly plan, startup plan, and unlimited choice plan are available.

SNS image creation monthly plan


Create 20 SNS images! In the case of images for Instagram, images for stories are included. Supports YouTube thumbnails, etc.

Startup plan


Set of logo mark, ​ double-sided leaflet, and shop card. The shop card can also be changed to a menu table.

Unlimited choice plan


You can choose 4 points of your choice within a month (consultation required for website creation), 3 months continuation is a condition.


​・All prices exclude tax

・Please note that cancellation after payment is not possible.

・Basically, you can make up to two revisions (no upper limit).

・Please note that an additional fee will be charged after the third revision.

・If there is no response to your inquiry after 3 business days,
Please feel free to contact me at the email address below.


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